Development of automatic shot making machine
                        2021-10-31 publish
                        The development of Chinese herbal medicine has a long history. With the development of science and technology in China, mechanical automation technology has entered all walks of life. Automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine came into being. Traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine is mainly used for Chinese herbal medicine pill production, is a commonly used pill making equipment, in China's rapidly developing pharmaceutical industry has been very widely used, mainly used in small pharmaceutical factories and hospital research department of the development and small batch production.

                        It is understood that the production of Chinese herbal pills has experienced a process from manual to mechanical. Historically, Chinese herbal pills have been produced by hand or water-flooding pills, but the development is slow due to uneven pill size and complicated manual operation. Until the 1970s, the mechanism pill appeared in Our country, mechanism pill with its pill size uniform, large yield and the advantages of rapid promotion. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry began to study the technology and process flow of mechanical pills, the equipment for manufacturing mechanical pills, and opened specialized research institutions such as mechanical pills. The mechanism pills of Traditional Chinese medicine have the advantages of quantitative weight measurement, in line with internationally accepted drug delivery methods, easy packaging, easy storage, easy to carry and so on, so the development prospect is very broad.

                        According to the introduction, automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine is mainly used in large, medium, small pharmaceutical factories and hospital research department of research and small batch production, can make honey pills, water pills, water honey pills, concentrated pills, paste pills, wax pills and so on. Compared with traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, simple operation, easy to change pill varieties, stable operation and so on. It is suitable for use on the working platform, and is the first choice of new pharmaceutical enterprises.

                        The working principle of automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine is to send the mixed or refined medicine into the silo, under the extrusion of the screw propeller, make the medicine with the same diameter, through the guide wheel, the bar synchronously into the pill making knife wheel, after a quick handout, made of uniform size pills. Due to the special process of the shot making roller, it does not stick medicine, no alcohol, powder or oil drops, and more ensure that the product is not polluted in the process of shot making, to ensure the quality of the product, the whole machine conforms to the GMP standard. At present, China's demand for drugs is very large, automatic Chinese medicine pill making machine for pharmaceutical factory production of drugs provides great convenience, is currently pharmaceutical factory, health food factory and hospital preparation room, clinics, pharmacies preferred pill making machinery.

                        Relevant technical expert introduction, in the process of Chinese medicine pellet, pelletizing machine usually and washing machine, slicing machine, grinder, all kinds of sieving machine, various mixer, mixing mill for medicine, pelletizing machine, automatic powder, pill grain screening machine, pill polishing machine and other equipment to cooperate to complete the whole production process, greatly improving the production efficiency and safety production, promote the modernization of the production of traditional Chinese medicine.

                        Although, compared with foreign shot-making machine equipment, China's shot-making machine equipment still has certain technical defects, such as how to better let the shot-making machine adapt to different materials shot-making demand, reduce loose, broken pills, improve product quality. The pharmaceutical industry undoubtedly has a broad space for development under the condition of continuous progress of science and technology and active policy guidance. How to seize the opportunity and break the technical defects of the pill making machinery and equipment enterprises to meet the needs of domestic pharmaceutical industry production is also an urgent problem to be considered.

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